Monday, 28 February 2011

one evening...

my one and only..

dew of hearts..

choose me:)
land of blossom..

Friday, 25 February 2011

FRIENDS...they are more precious than anything!!!

I dont really get this idea of writing about friends,but i;'ll write them anyway..

All this while i thought that ill be fine with just relying to myself..Well, i thought that im strong enough,inside out..But along my journey for these past 17 years of living,i can see the role played by those people called friends...

How?How can someone who is only 18 years old talks about life?

Well,here is the story.....

Well i had spent about half of my schooling years in hostels...i did remember the first time i step my feet into my dorm...wish i can tell how much i hate it!!

Hostel years,..i remembered vividly on how my class looks like...u can see nerd looking people on a side...
people with bother-urself faces on another corner ...those happy going type...etc...but what makes us so special is that we stayed unite no matter what happens..not to mention those moments...

Still,when i went to boarding school,,the same thing happens...ive met those who would sacrifice themslves for their friends...ive also met those who would simply stab u from ur back...well,thats life...but still i love hostel life...friends are there whenever u need them... thats hostel..u dont have ur family,only ur friends to share ur joy and pain...

And now,still i have my friends...they are irritating sometimes...cute and lovable at the same time yet understanding in another way love u guys!!!u guys rocks!!!

so people,friends?anyone?

p/s:this hands are mine and my friend.(using my Canon EOS 1000D)..remember those moments when she said "mcm....bestfriend..."though we had just met each other a few minutes...and now,she is my bff...the power of friendship...<3

Thursday, 24 February 2011

this is one of my first trials in doing bokeh...danga bay,jb...suke sangat bokeh since its a style where u control everything...(yup!since u need to use manual focus),u!!yes u who read my blog,wish me the best of luck!!

p/s:i would like to express my gratitude to my 2 fellow who had help me with my bokeh ..=)