Monday, 25 June 2012

Let the time heals

Hey,peeps!!lme gler i didnt write

What actually drives me to write is----->boredom??

I love to reminisce about what actually happening around me,everyone, current I supposed..
and at this very moment I must say, I HATE GROWING UP!

U see,when ppl grow up they are actually into contact with commitments..And as the number adds in,the commitments just keep loading....I'd like to relate this with myself [since this is my blog. :p]

along the way of being a grown-up, I face like tons of experience already... I do expect millions awaits me in the future..

one of them is losing the people u love.

It hurts actually,
It hurts to accept the fact u wont be together for a waaaaaaaaay long time,
It hurts to know that they won't be there like they used to be,
It hurts to realize u won't be together teasing each to other,
It hurts to feel alone when all u want is to share everything...
It hurts~~

 So,dear friends...farewell i bid to you...

everywhere,everytime i;ll be wishing the best throughout the journey of life...whenever we might meet again next time..just remember that girl with her bokeh thing n another guy with his camera....deep inside,im hoping that distance will make our hearts grows fonder...

fly my dear friends...soar as far as u can... me myself will do the same...we will together pull our way to our dreams....and maybe let the time heals those hurtful feelings....

and when you see the pretty stars at night,just remember ill be doing the same too,reminiscing the moments doing bokeh with u.. :)

                                                                                                                                         with love,
                                                                                                                                      farahin zolkafli