Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Matter Of Love

salam peeps!!

hey3!! hows your life?? mine??awesomeeee!!!!!!!hehehe
lately im kinda miserable with all the test,and assignment and projects but hey!! that's me :) my life...

               there's like so many things happening right now and im kinda shocked... (tanjat boboy)...i mean yup, a person who longed for life into being a lawyer is forcefully turned into an engineer...hahaha....i blamed mama dulu but now,hey this is not that bad....kan?? i mean, engineering is a cool field..filled with tons of brilliant study of interest is mechanical engineering.... LMAO...that sounds tough for a girl aye?? but i believe if we put faith in everything we do,nothing will come barricading it :)

                as for matter of love??hmmmm....some people says that college days are the moment where you should find a partner....hahaha...nahhhh~~im better off myself....i mean,im afraid of being indipendent n the term of having a relationship is merely thoughts i wear whenever im around my girlfriends...but hey, me not having a guy to date means more time for my girlfriends and my family...hahahaha...i believe that our young age is not a time to devote your heart to people but your dreams and aims in life...and as for me, i wanna be a successful design engineer in within this industry...and for that guy of mine '' wherever you are right now'' hahaha...i believe Allah will place him beside me when the time comes.....i dont have mr right yet..but he's about to come along my journey in seeking success and greatness...i used to blame my ex-boyfriend for all the awful things happening to me,my bad thoughts i have for most people...the insecure feelings and stuff,...but hey2!!things happen for reasons right??he simply shows that i deserve a better man...thx dude!!go about preaching people but im not gonna fall into any of your words dear ;)

                 and as for tomorrow to nice to me ok??im hoping that saya will be a good engineer yg contribute a lot to the society...the country and those love ones besides me.... <3

      ''believe that the world is good place to live in by having faith in yourself..u may encounter all the troubles on your way up...but good things are yet to come :) ''