Wednesday, 24 June 2015

year 3 and still counting

you know when I am overwhelming I'll either write, or start finding a sharpie and do some abstract doodle?  yeah, I am that kind of girl.

It has been like a really tough times for me. I broke up with my girlfriend. My one and only friend whom I trust with all my heart. it really is not pretty. I have to spend like weeks feeling like nobody wants me, before I realized, we were drifting apart.  We fight alot. We constantly looking for faults. Maybe we better off alone.

and wanna know what sucks?

I build trust issue. I trust nobody and and build like this very thick barrier just so that nobody can see this timid girl I am. I dont have to deal with any confrontation. I hate commitment, other than my field of study. I hate to deal with emotions and those kind of stuff.

but, I do feel alone sometimes.